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The great outdoors is nearly a $1 trillion industry in North America. Camping, hiking, biking, fishing, climbing, wildlife viewing, off-roading, and hunting are big business. We help brands, organizations, and conservation agencies promote and protect America’s wild places.

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Trusted partners in the outdoors. Dedicated to results.

We’re experts at deploying targeted advertising campaigns to achieve results for organizations that care about the outdoors. We’ve helped sell State Parks license plates, push outdoor enthusiasts to aquatic preserves, and reached citizens across the United States with messages of grasslands preservation.

Our outdoor content team is the best in the business. We solve complex problems that require innovative solutions to capture beautiful video and photos in the most demanding of environments. We’ve filmed underwater, in the air, and everywhere in between.

Stuck on how your organization can achieve its goals? Let us design a strategy from the ground up that is designed to captivate, engage, and affect change.

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Outdoors Case Studies

Case Study

Advocacy Mission
The COVID-19 crisis shutdown the ability to work for Montana’s fishing guides.

Case Study

Homosassa Photography Project
SDS was tasked with a multi-part shot list to capture imagery for Homosassa Springs. .

Case Study

Red Cockaded Woodpecker Translocation Project
For this project we were challenged with assembling two teams of photographers, videographers, and drone specialists in order to document the translocation of Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers..

Case Study

National Grasslands Coalition Video Campaign
A National Grasslands Coalition video project in support of the North American Grasslands Conservation Act.

Case Study

License Plate Campaign
FWC was tasked with selling 3,000 license plates by the October 1st deadline..

Case Study

Aquatic Preserves Marketing Campaign
SDS was tasked with shooting photo and video for the deployment of future advertising campaigns..

Case Study

Film Festival Production
SDS was tasked with shooting photo and video for the deployment of future advertising campaigns..

From advertising campaigns to short-form documentaries to content for museum and interpretive displays, the SDS Outdoors team is ready to tackle nature’s toughest challenges with media’s most innovative solutions.

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