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Case Study:

FL|DS Branding & Style Guide
Florida Digital Service

The Challenge

Developing a visual identity for the Florida Digital Service, which was established on July 1, 2020, with the signing of Florida House Bill 1391. The Florida Digital Service is a division of the Florida Department of Management Services, and charged with determining the future of the state’s technology services offerings and ensuring they are consistent with Florida’s value of embracing innovation, challenging the status quo, and leveraging technology. It is our objective that the essence of the brand and messaging reflects this goal and that it be a foundation from which they are able to create new initiatives and ideas.

The Project

With the creation of the Florida Digital Service came an obligation to ensure the branding matched the energy, excitement, and technology focus of the new division. This obligation was exemplified by the already booming United States Digital Service and their engaging social media and a brand that appealed to both the up-start tech community and government professionals.

We set out to create a brand that stood out from the rest of the state government, unique in its own way and emphasizing a new start for the state’s involvement in the tech community. One of the main objectives of the division is recruiting new talent from the tech community in Florida, so it was important during the development process that the branding be appealing to the upcoming generation of tech professionals. The development of icons representing the different priorities of the division, as well as icons representing the policy objectives, helped tell the complete story of who they are and how they will be involved moving forward. This cohesive brand addresses all these things, and leaves room as the division grows and becomes a vital player in state government.

Florida Digital Service - Branding
Florida Digital Service


Project Duration

6 Months

Solutions Implemented

In-House Creative
Website Development

Creative Samples

We set out to create a brand for FL|DS that stood out from the rest of the state government and emphasized a new start for the state’s approach to technology

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Case Study

FL|DS Branding & Style Guide
We set out to create a brand for FL|DS that stood out from the rest of the state government and emphasized a new start for the state’s approach to technology.

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