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SDS is a marketing services and creative production firm based in Tallahassee, Florida. Founded in 2014, we are proud to be recognized as No. 638 on the Inc. 5000 – Inc. Magazine’s list of America’s fastest-growing private companies.

But our goal isn’t to brag. It isn’t even about us. Our goal is helping you get there.

Where is "there?"

There depends on your goals.

For some, it’s about driving up name ID and increasing brand value while others are looking to drive direct sales online. Either way, we’re a marketing firm that relies on research, and we take the time to learn everything we can about your business and industry so that we can create and execute a plan to get you there.

Our Services

We’re a full-service marketing and advertising agency, and can handle any type of advertising needed by your organization. From digital, to video, print, and audio, our media team is experienced in a huge variety of formats and ad placements.

Ad placement is a detailed, tedious, and complex process. We use our experience placing millions of dollars in client ads to ensure that your ad dollars are optimally targeted and allocated. 

Creative makes the campaign. Our in-house design team brings your vision to life. Video is the backbone of cutting-edge media campaigns, and we maintain an in-house production team that travels around the country for video shoots utilizing cinema-grade cameras, beautiful lighting, and professional sound equipment to produce high-end client content.

Strategy development is at the heart of everything we do. Our expert advice using the latest trends ensures you’re able to make fully informed marketing decisions.

Why Clients Trust Us

We are a marketing firm known for our candor, transparency, and initiative.


We’ll be honest and straightforward with you when we evaluate a plan. For us, that sometimes means we tell you to spend less in advertising or that you need to try a media or service we don’t sell.


We’ll tell you exactly how we plan to spend your advertising dollars, disclose all fees in an easy-to-read document, and give you access to a real-time performance dashboard with your metrics.


We don’t hide from challenges. If we notice something is not working well, we reevaluate. If we see something is high-performing, we’ll recommend you double down on it. The performance of your campaign is our business.